Buying a home can be a prolonged and stressful event even when your credit profile is good. But when you may have suffered from credit problems in the past or have a poor or low credit score, the idea of owning a home may seem even further away for many.

We understand how that must make you feel when you see your friends and family moving into their new property and taking advantage of historically low interest rates while you seem destined to remain renting or living at home for ever.

But help is now at hand. Adverse Money has been created by experienced, diligent and caring professionals who’s sole aim is to try and help you achieve your home buying aspirations even though you may have current or historical credit issues.

We cant promise that we can help everyone . But Adverse Money, as part of The Money Group of companies with offices across the country, take great care in ensuring our clients are treated fairly by the industry and given every opportunity to enjoy all the security and excitement that owning a home can bring.

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